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Album project

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Thank you for supporting my Pierné album project which is related to my doctoral thesis. This disc will be entirely devoted to the works for piano of the French composer, pianist, organist and conductor Gabriel Pierné (1863-1937). This disc will be composed of early works as well as mature works by the composer. For the most part, I have played them in concert several times and that is why I want to burn several years' work to disc already. Combining some pieces taken from the Fifteen Pieces Op.3 that he composed when he was a resident at the Villa Medicis in Rome and the famous virtuosity study Op.13 in C minor, then two pieces from the posthumous collection of Six Pieces written a few years before his death. Also, at the heart of this project are the majestic and imposing Variations in C minor Op.42 composed at the twilight of the First World War in which we can hear cannonballs, bombs, military trumpets and funeral bells. To do this, the donations collected will make it possible to assume the costs of room rental, piano tuning, technician costs, production costs of the record, a photography session and the costs of graphics for the cover. By making a higher than $ 20, you will first receive the disc as soon as it becomes available.


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