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Kickstarter campaign

Dernière mise à jour : 6 avr. 2022

I am preparing a second disc which will be a double album devoted to works for piano by Gabriel Pierné (1863-1937). It will be recorded in one of the best venues in Canada: the Domaine Forget Concert Hall. I am raising funds to finance this great project which is close to my heart. Several costs such as: room rental, piano tuning, fees and accommodation for the technical team and myself, mixing and mastering. This project is co-produced with the Quebec record label Espace 21.

Any donation greater than or equal to $ 30 will be accompanied by a copy sent by mail a few weeks before the official launch of the album, which is scheduled for a recital at the Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur on December 12, 2021. Some small delivery charges may be added for addresses outside of Canada.

The idea of ​​the double disc came for the sake of consistency and to better contemplate the evolution of Pierné's writing style as well as his metamorphosis from romanticism to modernism. Initially, I only planned to record pieces from the Fifteen Pieces for Piano Op.3 and the Six Posthumous Pieces. My friend Georges Nicholson who will produce the double album convinced me to record all of these cycles. It was therefore with great joy that I accepted, but also some concerns about such an ambitious project. That being said, I believe that this new version of the project will help give me the energy and motivation to carry it out. I am already looking forward to presenting the fruit of a long work on Pierné's work, but so fascinating, which has now lasted for more than 8 years.

Here is the repertoire of the two CDs

CD 1 Quinze pièces pour le piano (Op.3), composed at the Villa Medici de Rome in 1883 [circa 50 minutes] N° 1 - Romance sans paroles, à Madame Leduc N° 2 - Chanson de la grand-maman, à Gustave Popelin N° 3 - Fantasmagorie, A Albert Lavignac N° 4 - Au Cimetière (marche funèbre), à Bernard Rie N° 5 - Coquetterie, à Louis Le Nain N° 6 - Prélude, à Monsieur Bourgault-Ducoudray N° 7 - Fugue, à E. M. Delaborde N° 8 - à l’église, à madame Montigny-Rémaury N° 9 - Menuet vif, A Monsieur C. Saint-Saëns N° 10 - N°1 (Jeux d’enfants) La marelle, à Auguste Patey N°11 - N°2 (Jeux d’enfants) L’escarpolette, à madame A. Dien N°12 - N°3 (Jeux d’enfants) Cache-cache, à madame Massart N°13 - Valse, à Georges Marty N°14 - Feuillet d’album, a mon Cher maître J. Massenet N°15 - Tarantelle, a mon Cher maître A. Marmontel Étude de concert op. 13, (1887) [4 minutes 10s] Premier nocturne pour piano, op.31, à Stéphane Niederofheim * [Circa 4 minutes] Bagatelle, op.33, à Henry Heymieu [Circa 2 minutes] * Total : 60 minutes 10s CD 2 Trois pièces formant une suite de Concert, Op.40 (1902) [circa 20 minutes] I- Preludio con fuga scherzanda, à Raoul Pugno (composed in October 1902) II- Nocturne en forme de valse, à Joh Wysman (composed in march 1902) III- Étude symphonique, à Édouard Risler (composed in october 1902) Variations en Ut mineur pour piano, Op. 42, composed in Mennecy between May and June 1918 [circa 26 minutes] Lent Var. 1 - A Tempo Var. 2 - A Tempo (con moto un poco) Var. 3 - A Tempo Var. 4 - I° Tempo (lento) Var. 5 - Lent Var. 6 - Allegro non troppo Var. 7 - A Tempo (un poco meno) Var. 8 - Très lent Var. 9 - Le double plus vite Largement Coda - Presto Six pièces pour piano, (Op. Posthume), composé en 1936 * [circa 32 minutes] 1. Prélude sur le nom de Paul Dukas 2. La poupée mécanique de Debussy 3. Mendelssohnia 4. Le tombeau de César Franck 5. Voyage au pays du Tendre 6. Gulliver au pays de Lilliput Total : 78 minutes * Premiere recording on CD

Risks and challenges

If the sanitary conditions do not allow me to return to Canada, or to record the CD at Domaine next August, I will have to postpone the delivery of the album.

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